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About Travel Solutions by Campbell

Campbell Travel has spent 30 years on the forefront of the travel industry. With divisions in corporate travel management and luxury leisure travel, the underlying thread is one of delivering the highest levels of innovation, integrity, and insight. We’ve built a track record of success by not just keeping up with the trends, but anticipating them and looking ahead to what’s coming up on the horizon. We believe in end-to-end solutions, and helping customers to thrive by delivering the quality and service they need, and addressing the entire life cycle of travel needs.

Through strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and alliances, we’ve continued to grow through the decades, surrounding ourselves with the best so we can offer the best.


At Campbell Travel, we are:

Forward-looking. Not just changing with the times, but anticipating and getting ahead of changes in the industry.

Service-oriented. We believe all of our clients deserve the very best experience, and stop at nothing to provide it every time.

Innovative. A lot has changed in 30 years. We believe in using every available tool and technology to improve the customer experience. If the right tool isn't available, we'll create it! This philosophy carries over into our product offerings. We strive to ensure that we are providing the best ways to deliver what the client needs, the way they need it.


Early in the 1980’s, Campbell Travel founder Bob Campbell was planning a trip to Europe with his wife. Since charter air was the cheapest way to go, that was his plan. The only way to book was by telephone. However, much to his dismay, the number was always busy, and he could not get through to book his travel until he finally got up in the middle of the night to get through to a live person and book his trip. While in Europe, it occurred to him that there had to be a better way to deliver services in the travel business. With his background in the computer and IT industries, he identified a market opportunity to provide corporate travel services with the kind of high service-level he was accustomed to providing in the technology space. Thus, Campbell Travel was born, based on the values of providing services and creating customer value. He built a team of travel and business experts, and started the business that has continued to grow and innovate through over three decades of service.

Over the years, the commitment to service and innovation has continued while the business has grown to include leisure and luxury travel, and a new era of technological service delivery.  Campbell Travel has continued to find new and innovative ways to provide services to clients in every area of travel. The company has been on the list of fastest-growing Dallas companies three times, and continues to grow and innovate. Most recently, Campbell Travel has become a branch of the Tzell Travel Group, allowing the company to take advantage of unprecedented leverage and provide even greater value and service to clients.