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About Campbell Travel

Campbell TravelCampbell Travel has spent 30 years on the forefront of the travel industry. With divisions in corporate travel management and luxury leisure travel, the underlying thread is one of delivering the highest levels of innovation, integrity, and insight. We’ve built a track record of success by not just keeping up with the trends, but looking ahead to what’s coming up on the horizon. We believe in innovative solutions to everyday travel needs. Our approach allows us to deliver the quality and service clients need throughout a lifetime of travel, both for business and pleasure.

We have made a point of continually partnering with the best. As a branch of Tzell Travel Group, we are able to offer incomparable fares and solutions on our corporate side. On the leisure side of our business, we have allied ourselves with Virtuoso, which allows us to offer unparalleled destinations and luxury experiences. Our fully-rounded suite of travel services allows us to meet all of our clients’ travel needs, whether for business or pleasure.